Digital Marketing Strategies to attract Customers for your Business

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Do you have a business but do not attract customers? Are your sales low and do not know what to do to increase them?

The best method you can use to remedy these situations - and that will not cost you much money - is to launch some digital marketing strategies that will help you win buyers in a very short time.

Internet advertising is a way to promote yourself that you should use whatever your type of business; It does not matter if you have a physical clothing store or an online store where you send the products by mail.

Although there are many digital marketing strategies that you can use to increase your profits, not all work equally well.

A recent study by the Digital marketing agency to different businesses shows that there are 6 main strategies that give better results than others to promote a company on the Internet.

These 6 digital marketing strategies are email marketing, social networks, SEO positioning, content marketing, mobile optimization, and visual narrative.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the strategy that works best to convert visitors to a web page in customers, as well as to increase the sales of any business.

Why? Because it is a way to reach the direct buyer by sending an email to your email, and also the different offers or launches can be sent in a personalized way according to the interests of each client.

If a person comes to the web page of your business and gives you their email address so you can send them news about the products you sell, it is because they are really interested in your brand.

And this makes it much easier to sell new items or services that you launch.

In addition, you can customize what offers you send to each subscriber.

For example: if you have just launched a product that fits men between 18 and 30 years old, through this strategy you can send an email only to subscribers on your list who are male and between 18 and 30 years old.

So, you're targeting a much more specific group that has a real interest in what you're offering, and those users are much more likely to make the purchase of what you're promoting at that moment.

2. Social Media Marketing

83% of people who use the Internet also use social networks. And that's why this has become the second best online marketing strategy to promote yourself.

Many physical businesses, although they do not sell any type of product over the Internet, have profiles in a social network because they know how important online presence is to grow their businesses.

If you also have some type of company, it is essential that you register on these platforms to advertise.

Best of all, social media marketing will not cost you anything!

You can buy some ads on Facebook or pay to Twitter to promote your account. But if at the beginning you do not have money, it is not necessary that you spend anything in using this type of accounts.

3. SEO positioning

SEO positioning is a technique with which web pages get to be among the first results of search engines like Google or Yahoo.

You may think what this may be for, but in reality, it is very important.

If you have an online toy store, and your page appears first in Google results when someone searches for words like "buy dolls" or "toy store," it is more likely that that person will visit your website instead of looking at another that appears on the second page of results.

And if the products you have are attractive, make the purchase at that time or save the link to your online store to place an order later.

Therefore, this is one of the best digital marketing strategies to generate traffic to your website, to know more people, and with which to attract visitors who then become customers.

4. Content Marketing

This type of marketing is to publish content such as articles, images, games, presentations, or ebooks, which are related to the product or service you sell.

In this way, you offer unpublished or attractive content to users to capture their attentio

Once they reach you and access the content you've generated, you'll have to convert that interest into a purchase.

5. Web design adaptable to cell phones

Although you have never been told about this strategy, you should know that it is also vital to get customers and increase your sales.

Smartphone’s and tablets or tablets are devices that are used to surf the Internet, check our emails, or buy in online stores.

And that is why it is essential that if you have a web page, it is adapted so that it is also correct on a cell phone or tablet, not just on a computer.

Navigating a page from a computer is very different from doing it from your phone. There are even websites that cannot even be seen on a Smartphone!

And if someone who only has access to the Internet from his mobile, or who cannot use his computer at that time, cannot enter that page or navigate it is very difficult, guess what?

I will leave that website and it will be a sale that you will lose.

6. Visual narrative to attract customers

90% of the information that is sent to the brain is visual. A video on YouTube is shared 12 times more on social networks than a written article. Photos are also shared 2 times more than a link.

All these data are for you to realize that using visual elements in your business can mean a significant increase in both your customers and your sales.

Through the visual narrative on the Internet, a company, without spending anything or very little money, can reach the target audience in a very short time.

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